In a healthy lifestyle, nutrition has key importance. All we consume can help us avoiding and fighting diseases and to establish balance and inner peace of mind.

Let's cook in a way best for our bodies and souls!

Ayurvedic cooking turns us into this direction: recovers our body and spiritual harmony, meanwhile we can taste various new and delicious food.

Saraswathi Venkatesha brought light but piquant food for us from India:

I.Green gram sprouts-salad
II. Poori( Indian bread)
III. Chickpea masala
IV. Soji ladu

If you'd like to experience real specialities from east, to learn how to make healthy and delicious food, come and cook with us!

Price includes:

- Soda, coffee, snacks
- Recipe
- Having a three-course dinner in-place with indian tableware

In case you'd like to take a portion of food home, please bring a food box with you!

We'd love to have you with us!

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a kurzust vezeti Saraswathi Venkatesha
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Dátum 2020. 09. 28. 17:00
11 000 Ft
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